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Stephen M. Kinney, President stevekinney@focusedforensics.net

Early forensics career influenced by over one decade in the insurance
industry and participation in landmark consumer fraud prosecutions. 

Developed unique forensic techniques and scientific instrumentation in
worldwide use. Current area of specialty is human identification in law
enforcement and mass casualty disasters. 

Was instrumental in the introduction of handheld x-ray technology to the
international forensics community during the disaster response to the
Dec 26 2004 Andaman Sea earthquake and tsunami that took over 300,000 lives. 


Focused Forensics

We have supported responders to the highest profile mass disasters in modern history, working with INTERPOL, The Hague, the military and law enforcement agencies of US and foreign governments with identification and investigative technologies

  • 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
  • 2014 Malaysia Air flight 17 shootdown over Ukraine
  • 2014 Indonesia AirAsia flight 8501 Java Sea crash
  • 2016 Brussels ISIS coordinated suicide attacks
  • 2017 autopsies on 26 Nigerian girls recovered from the Mediterranean

Focused Forensics is a recognized global supplier of x-ray systems to medical examiners and coroners